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Tuesday, February 7th, 2006
3:22 pm
because of schooling i havent been able to update like i wanted but im going to try. also any that wish to contact me, my e-mail has changed for the fact that zzn is forcing ppl to pay for the spam thing and refusing to allow us to look at our e-mail until we sign up. sry.

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Friday, January 13th, 2006
5:23 pm
Mini Hiatus
Because I have a lot of tests next week I won't be able to come online much so it will be a mini hiatus..

This counts for Eiji as well.. will be online sometimes but not much..

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Thursday, January 5th, 2006
1:05 pm
As i havent had any word from Oishi/tezuka-mun I am putting these characters on haitus Until i get further information. I was told she is busy with school work but hasn't given me an affirmination on wanting to keep her characters or give them up. So to make up for their Absence i give full permission to the boyfriends to Make up an Excuse for the reason both oishi and tezuka are in japan. you may make it an Emergency or some form of logical verifyable excuse. Please post the reasons in your journals ASAP. thanks!

P.S. these Characters and more are still up for grabs for any that wish to have one.
Kaoru Kaidoh-
Inui Sadaharu-
Akutagawa Jirou-
Akutsu Jin-
Kisarazu Atsushi-
Saeki Kojirou-
Kisarazu Ryou-
Haijime Mizuki-
Here is link to class lists http://www.shinigamitabris.net/caliteni/index.html They're organized by grade level. The links to the different grades are the squares at the bottom. I've included a contact list as well. Once you (the player) have decided on your classes, send them in an email to me and I will arrange them in the order you will have them daily.

Just so everyone knows, Seniors (ONLY) are allowed to have one Off Campus per semester. The only times they may have Off Campus passes is before Lunch, and during the 4th Class.

Everyone is allowed off campus for Lunch, and that is the only time Freshman, Sophomores, and Juniors will be allowed off.

Thank you very much!

Also I would like it if all of you would spread the word around that we need RPers and More ideas for this comm. I would like to see more Rps posted on teni_california so Minna-san please interact with other RPers as much as you can and post your finished Rps more often. We would like to have this Community thrive and soar to be as good as Prince Academy if possible. thanks for all your work.


My e-mail is Ryoma_echizen@momoryoma.zzn.com

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Monday, January 2nd, 2006
7:57 pm
Characters Now up for Grabs
Kaoru Kaidoh-
Inui Sadaharu-
Akutagawa Jirou-
Akutsu Jin-
Kisarazu Atsushi-
Saeki Kojirou-
Kisarazu Ryou-
Haijime Mizuki-

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Saturday, December 24th, 2005
7:48 pm
Happy Birthday Ryoma Echizen
Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

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Thursday, December 15th, 2005
1:00 pm
Sadly to say that the following characters will be removed from this Comm and up for grabs within the week. If i dont hear from any of these characters as to why they are not updating without a proper excuse i will have to put them up for grabs again. If anyone knows how to contact them please let them know that i wish for their responses to the question of whether or not they wish to continue in this comm or if they wish to put their character up for grabs. if you wish to give it away and are willing to give over your journal for them please contact me immediately with the information for the journal. you have until Christmas; Dec 25, 2005 to give me a response. if i get no feedback from any of you about these characters i will assume you wish to forfeit your character and list is as free for the taking. Now with nothing more to say here is the list of characters soon to be up for grabs.

Tezuka Kunimitsu- kunimitsu_tezu -senior
Kaoru Kaidoh- snake_kaidoh -junior
Inui Sadaharu- _ii_data - Senior
Syuuichirou Oishi- fukubuchouoishi -senior
Akutagawa Jirou- _z_z_z - senior
Akutsu Jin- Taken
Kisarazu Atsushi- feintdropvolley - senior
Saeki Kojirou- gold_sun_saeki - Senior
Kisarazu Ryou- Taken


Haijime Mizuki is now up for grabs!!
Seiichi Yukimura- rikkai_seiichi -senior On Haitus until furter notice
Sanada Genichirou- rikkai_no_ken -Senior On Haitus until furter notice

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Wednesday, December 7th, 2005
6:51 pm
Masked Winter Costume Ball
Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

The Ball is to be held at the finest of Ballrooms in California.
there will be Dining and Dancing. Music starting from traditional Waltzes to Hard Rock and Punk. You may Invite whoever you wish as long as they follow the Rules of the School. You dont need to dress in a suit as this is a Masked Costume Ball. Be sure that your costume Incorprates the Theme of Angels. You may dress up as an Angel's enemy as in a Demon. As long as you have some sort of connection to the Angel theme we have no holds on what you wear. Be sure to have fun and make it a night to remember. Rooms are available upstairs for those that wish to stay the night or even to just relax or have some privacy to hang with friends. ENJOY and RSVP A.S.A.P. by replying to this post.

OOC-(P.S. to those reading these updates i wish to remind you that yes you may be replying to other's journal entries but i havent seen more updating on your journals. please continue to update at least once a week and help to get this Comm back up and running smoothly. If i dont see any action from some of the characters within the next weeks or so i will sadly have to consider you not part of this community and will have to try and replace you. PLEASE DONT LET THIS COMM DIE!!! RP AND POST UPDATES AND MORE PLEASE!!)

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Saturday, November 5th, 2005
10:26 am
Happy Halloween

Just a Note to wish Everyone A Happy Halloween. Also For all those who are interested we will have a large Costume banquet/party for Thanksgiving
Please Reply to this post with your Chara-name their costume and what they plan to bring to the party.

Thanks Minna-san!!! I await All your costume ideas and any ideas you have to add to make this party/festival/banquet Tons of fun!!!

Also for all those who liked Ryoma's Samurai outfit from Dan here is the link to pics fo all Seigaku and Hyotei Pics like them. http://tennisnoojisama.animexx.4players.de/fanfic/?doc_modus=startseite&ff=72777 Enjoy!!!

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Sunday, August 21st, 2005
3:01 am
Akutsu Jin is here

Hey guys!!I don't understand why suddenly I feel a bit nervous here..

I play as Akutsu Jin..Forgive me that I have a lack acknowledgement about this character and if I do something wrong would you guys tell me? And please be nice with my Akutsu Jin,eventhough he is such a bad boy.;)

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Tuesday, August 16th, 2005
12:27 pm
ooc: Atobe-sama

Atobe-sama is back in business. Friend him please!


Monday, August 1st, 2005
6:05 pm
Man this bites i leave unintentionally and i loose all my good charas mou im so sad. this poor RP is loosing its touch. if any wish to make this better please contact me asap so we can figure something out. i miss RPing with everyone and i am just now starting to get back on the comp. please dont let this RP go downhill HELP KEEP THE FUN ALIVE PLEASE!!!
Tuesday, July 5th, 2005
9:29 pm
Hoi Hoi Eiji and Momo will not be able to update for three whole weeks almost 4 weeks. It's summr holiday and I'm going to united kingdom WITHOUT MY INTERNET :'( :'( I'm very sorry *waves* I'll miss you al. I'll be gone from July 7th till August 3th. bye
Monday, June 13th, 2005
1:56 pm
ok just a note for everyone dan and ryo wont be able to update much as i have a lack of comp time. i am only allowed one hour at a time ont the compas and that is at the library. my home comps are not accessable to me so i will do my best to update. i apologize to everyone for my lack of communication and Rping. also school will start in 1 week for me so that leaves even less time but i will try hard to get on and be on more. ja minna!
Kagomegirl (dan and ryo)
Thursday, June 9th, 2005
8:19 pm
(OOC; Will be gone.)
I'll be gone for the next few days (Until Sunday), so I won't really be reachable until then. Sorry if you see this message on a multitude of comms... >_>;;

*sigh* Ja ne. Be back on Sunday!
Wednesday, June 1st, 2005
3:55 pm
This is Atsushi-mun, saying that she can't be on to RP with anyone for a couple of days seeing that her computer is getting fixed to get rid of evil stinky viruses.
I know I haven't done my dress for Tezuka, yes Tezuka, and I will do it while pc gets repaired.

Thank you and have a nice day.

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5:14 am
Gomen Minna!
I'm afraid I'll have to drop otori... I don't know how to explain the specific reasons... but I'm sure a few of you might know why -_-() Otori's last entry have been OOC + depressing enough..-_-()

The fact that Sengoku is on hiatus... = to me doing 2 characters myself if I were to log -_-()

To say the truth, I'm not very keen on doing log single-handly... -_-() What's more, log between Ohtori and Sengoku is very hard to do... Sorry, if my words didn't make sense... but I'm sick...-_-()

How badly I'm affected by this whole RP-ed thing...I believe a few of you have an idea. -_-() Not going to reveal more... anyway, I'm sorry that I'll have to leave. but I'm already at my limit... I do not want Ohtori to angst further -_-() ... The sight of everyone lovey dovey is kind of stressing for Ohtori..since he's all alone -_-() I can't possibly make him rot in his room all the while, that only make him more depressed...

Geez... what am I saying anyway... -_-() I hope my words have been clear enough, if not..feel free to poke me via msn...I'll try to explain it in simple terms. Once, again...Sorry for any inconvenience causes.

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Tuesday, May 31st, 2005
10:27 am
Sad News
well everyone it looks as if we have lost another Chara Sengoku is now on haitus and ohtori-mun may not be here much longer although i told her she is doing a good job of ohtori but we will see if any of you who ahve one chara wish for a second one feel free to let me know which one you would like with a sample journal entry posted in the comments section of this post. please let me know ASAP so that we can continue this RP i know some of you have finals and stuff coming up so i wont have you following all the rules as strictly as i was before. so if you need time off to study let me and everyone else know how long you will be away from the Rp so we can make up some kind of excuse for your chara being gone durring that time. i really want this RP to thrive and i want to thank all those that are kindly keeping up with their charas. i would like to see more RPs between charas posted in teni_california if possible because i enjoy reading what you all write and Rping fun and crazy situations with you all. I myself would like to apologize for not being able to RP through IMs as i have been banned from the comp but as you can see i find ways to get on so i am still able to Rp through e-mails and comments. if anyone has a problem that needs to be taken care of feel free to alert me and my mods and we will try to work things out to the best of our abilities.
Also i am leaving the Open RP for the Orange blossom festival going for another week or two. please everyone do post your comment RP in the open Rp as soon as you have time. Also we need more members so if anyone wishes to they are welcome to help out by promoting this RP and any ideas you may have that could furthar help us out would be greatly appreciated. thanks

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Sunday, May 29th, 2005
12:44 pm
My dress for the fashion show

Look here

So this is what I'm going to wear Nya And I'm going to dye my hair black

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Wednesday, May 25th, 2005
11:14 am
Ok everyone big announcement the Fasshion show will be held Today!!! All those involved need to send me their Chara's involed pics!!!!!

I need your Info for the show A.S.A.P. so as soon as you have the time today or tomorrow i need it and everyone should be RPing out the show. I will make an open RP in teni_california for everyone to Rp in. you are all welcome to start it at any time in the comments section. all of you can also have a separate Rp to post up later and use the Open Rp for your entrance. Please be sure to post up your info in calif_tennis or E-mail it to me( Echizen_Ryoma@momoryoma.zzn.com ) and my other mods before friday. Friday will be the start of the vote and we need the info to be voted on. the winners of the contest will be announced on Tuesday or Wednesday. If i dont have any of the info the there cant be any votes. i will be sorely dissapointed in everyone that does not participate in this big event. the Festival is going on all week until friday so get RPing and have fun!!!!!!
Monday, May 23rd, 2005
9:20 pm
About the festival:

everyone has until friday to RP out different things that happen and they have until wednesday to submit all the info and the chara's dresses and stuff.

=) thank you very much already

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